Baked Ziti With Spinach

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Dinner Recipe, Skinny Recipe
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While I wish last week’s hiatus was related to a magical spring break trip, it wasn’t. Spring break hasn’t happened in my world for about 6 years now. Freakin’ real world ruining all the fun. Although, I suppose the lack of homework and exams kind of makes up for it.

Anyway, last week’s hiatus was more related to the fact that I accomplished nothing off my Pinterest boards. But this week we’re back on track! Except for the whole picture thing. I 100% forgot to take one which is killing me because I’m dying for an excuse to play with Instagram. Alas, this is photo from Skinnytaste will have to do.

Baked Ziti with Spinach(pinned here)


Nailed it. The hubs went for seconds while firsts were still on his plate. While this drives me crazy, I realize it’s a huge win.


None. Gina’s recipes are always amazing exactly as she posts them so I didn’t play around with it. Buuuuut I may add some grilled chicken or Italian turkey sausage next time.

Original recipe from Skinnytaste.


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