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Somehow it’s been a year since the husband and I came home to this:

ApartmentYes, the tornado actually hit a year ago yesterday (May 22), but we were in Kansas City that day and unable to get into Joplin and our apartment until the 23rd. Obviously we didn’t sleep much that night.

Yesterday was an interesting day. The city did a great job with the Walk of Unity which was followed by the Day of Unity memorial service. We didn’t stay for the service, but the Walk of Unity had a strong celebratory feel to it (all 3.7 miles of it – yes, my feet are still tired) which I thought was perfectly fitting as we made stops along the way to raise a steeple, break ground at the high school, and re-open a business. It also made me reflect on just how chaotic this time last year was. I really just wanted 2 things – to go home and to make dinner. Of course, I could do neither. But this year I could. And once we finished the walk, that’s exactly what I did.

Broiled Zucchini & Potatoes(pinned here)

Broiled Zucchini & Potatoes


Failed it and nailed it. Makes perfect sense, I know. Obviously mine got a bit charred. Oddly enough that didn’t happen during the broiling – it happened in the pan. Maybe you’re supposed to flip them during the 12-15 minutes? All I know is they were rather charred which made me think the Parmesan was an attempt to cover that up. Regardless, it was delicious.


Clearly I didn’t include potatoes. I did, however, add in some summer squash with the zucchini.

Original recipe from Cooking Channel.


The majority of my 28 years have been spent loathing tomatoes. I would pick around them, take them off, or end my order with “and no tomato”. My dad making spaghetti was always bad news bears – his version didn’t involve Ragu like my mom’s so much as chunks of tomatoes in the sauce. I would opt to subsist on naked noodles or bread and butter that night.

And then about a year ago, it all changed. I have no idea what happened (maybe my husband smacked me upside the head while we were sleeping?), but I suddenly loved tomatoes. Now they’re on my pizzas, my wraps, and straight up devoured them like this.

Baked Parmesan Tomatoes(pinned here)

Baked Parmesan Tomatoes


Holy balls these are amazing. If I’d had more tomatoes, I would have baked them all. But instead I went grocery shopping and made them again two days later.


I did the Parmesan version like the recipe said, but I also did a version with mozzarella and basil. It, too, was quite heavenly.

Original recipe from Eating Well

Nokia Phone

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Typically my life works like this: go to work, go home, workout, make dinner, eat dinner, watch TV/read, go to bed. Repeat until the end of time.

Lately my life’s been working like this: get up stupid early, workout, go to work, go home, inhale dinner, go to band rehearsal/church committee meeting/Chamber of Commerce banquet, go home, pass out. Oh and just for fun, let’s throw in buy a house. (The counteroffer’s been accepted, the inspection’s done, the bank’s finalizing the loan, the closing date is the 31st, and I’m irrationally paranoid it’s all going to fall through. Pray for me.)

Obviously I’ve had oodles of time to accomplish the many things I’ve pinned. Which explains this week’s offering:

Nokia Phone(pinned here)

I’m looking at a wide open weekend (other than pretending I don’t really need to start packing) so we should be back in business next week.

Between the husband’s picky eating and my borderline obsessive calorie counting, we eat pretty healthy. But every once in awhile, we like to have what we call Bad Decision Night. You know, that night when I make a pizza and we eat the whole thing. Followed by ice cream. All washed down with wine (me) and beer (him). And last Friday was one of those nights.

I don’t have a name for this other than delicious. It was inspired by the Chicken Florentine pizza at Brixx (which I miss greatly) so I suppose we could go with that.


Pizza Dough (I use the recipe my mom’s used for years)

1 chicken breast

Olive oil

Pizza seasoning (or Italian seasoning)


Fresh spinach

Tomato (I use Roma)

Crumbled Feta


Cut the chicken breast into bite size pieces. Heat more olive oil than you think you need in a small pan. Add chicken and sprinkle with seasoning. Saute until no longer pink on the outside (you can cook it all the way through if you want, but it’s going to spend 20-25 minutes in a 425 degree oven so it’s okay if it’s still a little pink on the inside). Set aside.

Make your dough if making from scratch (unless yours is a more complex dough that requires more than 5 minutes of rise time – then you might want to make your dough first). While it’s rising, line up your toppings so you’re not opening and closing the fridge four million times.

Stretch your dough out on a pizza stone or pan. Brush with olive oil from sauteed chicken. Sprinkle with seasoning. Top with mozzarella (depending on if I have any or not, I’ll sprinkle some shredded Parmesan around the edge of the crust), spinach, tomato (mine is only half tomato b/c the husband is very anti-tomato), and sprinkle with feta. Bake at 425 for 20-25 minutes. Eat entire pizza in one sitting and regret it 15 minutes later when you’re food baby full.


Sorry for the lack of measurements. I just go with what looks/feels right.