Nokia Phone

Posted: May 10, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Typically my life works like this: go to work, go home, workout, make dinner, eat dinner, watch TV/read, go to bed. Repeat until the end of time.

Lately my life’s been working like this: get up stupid early, workout, go to work, go home, inhale dinner, go to band rehearsal/church committee meeting/Chamber of Commerce banquet, go home, pass out. Oh and just for fun, let’s throw in buy a house. (The counteroffer’s been accepted, the inspection’s done, the bank’s finalizing the loan, the closing date is the 31st, and I’m irrationally paranoid it’s all going to fall through. Pray for me.)

Obviously I’ve had oodles of time to accomplish the many things I’ve pinned. Which explains this week’s offering:

Nokia Phone(pinned here)

I’m looking at a wide open weekend (other than pretending I don’t really need to start packing) so we should be back in business next week.


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