Posted: July 11, 2012 in Dinner Recipe
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Here’s the thing about grilling: if it’s not charcoal, it doesn’t count. Sorry gas grill lovers, but all you’re really doing is using a stove outside. Color me unimpressed.

Charcoal requires you to master fire. Charcoal adds flavor. Charcoal occasionally causes bad words to fly out of my husband’s mouth as he tries to light the fire while battling the wind. (Well played, gas grillers.)


Kabobs(pinned here)



Nailed it. They probably could have stayed on the grill a little longer to get a bit more of the charcoal flavor, but there still aren’t words to describe how delicious these were. The husband and I had two skewers each and may or may not have fought over who got to take the leftovers for lunch. (I lost.)


I used Italian dressing as an all day marinade (chicken in one bag, veggies in another). My mom uses balsamic vinaigrette if you’d like to go that route.

Original recipe from Jin Fitness.


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