BBQ Chicken Pizza

Posted: August 23, 2012 in Dinner Recipe
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What’s the meaning of this posting on a Thursday instead of a Wednesday?!? I’ll tell what – work has been INSANE. And even though I bailed at 4:20 yesterday, I felt like doing nothing other than sitting on my couch when I got home. So that’s what I did. After a quick workout of course. (I seriously have no idea how to be lazy relax. It’s a real problem according to the husband.)

But enough of my trials and tribulations. Let’s talk about my husband’s. The man looooooooooves BBQ chicken pizza. As in he would eat nothing but BBQ chicken pizza if I wasn’t here cramping his style. Actually, that’s not fair. He’d alternate BBQ chicken pizza with burritos. But the point here is that the man loves him some BBQ chicken pizza. Which naturally means I’ve been terrified to make it. Why? Because of the depth of his BBQ chicken pizza love. Seriously. The deeper the bond, the pickier he gets.

And then I saw this and manned up.

BBQ Chicken Pizza(pinned here)

BBQ Chicken Pizza


Nailed it. Eventually. The first time I made it, I didn’t use enough BBQ sauce because the husband’s main qualm with BBQ chicken pizza is “there’s too much sauce”. The second time, I upped the sauce and it was even better (I have no idea how much I used because I just poured some on the crust and brushed it around until it looked good).


I used my standard pizza dough and chicken prep instead of using grilled BBQ chicken. I also used Cojack cheese instead of the mix she used, and I skipped the cilantro because the only thing cilantro belongs in is guacamole. And even then, only a minimal amount.

Original recipe from Healthy. Delicious.


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