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You know what’s on sale like crazy right now? Apples. But not just any apples. Local apples. You know, the ones the husband won’t eat because, “I like crispy apples.” Translation: “They’re different from what you usually get me therefore I do not want them.”

So what’s a girl to do with a crapton of apples that have been deemed inedible by the main apple eater? Make baked apple cinnamon chips of course!

Baked Apple Cinnamon Chips(pinned here)

Baked Apple Cinnamon Chips


Nailed it. It’s like apple pie minus the pie. They lasted approximately 12 hours – and that was mostly because the husband didn’t get home until a few hours after I’d pulled these out of the oven.


I used my apple slicer and then sliced the slices thinner with a paring knife rather than doing it chip style. It seemed like it would be a lot easier that way. I didn’t measure my spices, and the 1 1/2 hour baking time is a lie. No but really. Mine took more like 4 hours, and they still weren’t entirely crispy. But the good news is they’re delicious even when slightly chewy.



Original recipe from The Silver Pen.


You know how after a melt your face off summer you desperately cling to the first sign of fall no matter how teensy a sign it is and suddenly find yourself eating a bowl of homemade soup while the ice cream truck plays in the background? (This is 100% a hypothetical question, by the way. It was absolutely not my life last night.) That may or may not be how I found myself making pumpkin roll bars with the windows open as the air conditioner occasionally kicked on over the weekend.

Pumpkin Roll Bars(pinned here)

Pumpkin Roll Bars


I’m calling this a fail for the simple fact that I’m not convinced these turned out how they were supposed to. However, they were still delicious. And I’m pretty sure I know where I went wrong. Settle in – it’s story time, kids.

Every year when fall rolls around, I get the uncontrollable urge to bake. At the same time, I get the uncontrollable urge to not gain 236 pounds. So when I saw these pumpkin roll bars, I knew I had to make them but I also knew I’d feel better about life and myself if I found a skinny version. Thus I turned to Skinnytaste. And while she didn’t have a pumpkin roll bar recipe, she did have a pumpkin roll recipe. In my mind, that was the same thing.

While it seems like a brilliant idea, it turns out that the filling is approximately 32,956 times heavier than the roll batter which results in the roll batter being pushed to the sides of the pan when you drop the filling in. I tried to compensate by doing 2 layers of roll and filling (roll, filling, roll, filling) once I realized what was happening and swirling the hell out of it, but, as you can see above, what I ended up with was mostly pumpkin cheesecake with super light pumpkin bread around the edges. Not that we were complaining.


Other than using the Skinnytaste recipe, none. I would, however, use the actual Six Sisters’ Stuff recipe when making these again.



Original recipe from Six Sisters’ Stuff and Skinnytaste.

It has been a crazy stupid hot summer here in southwest Missouri. Like “when did I move to the surface of the sun?” hot. Which means my air conditioner has been running essentially nonstop, and my oven and I aren’t exactly on speaking terms.

You know what else you shouldn’t be on speaking terms with when it’s crazy stupid hot? Your stove top. Turns out you’ll still be sweating by the time dinner’s ready.

Stove Top Spinach Ravioli(pinned here)

Stove Top Spinach Ravioli


Nailed it (the second time – see Alterations). I’m becoming a fan of ravioli that has nothing to do with marinara. Growing up, we always had ravioli with the same sauce that was used for spaghetti – which was great except that it overpowers the ravioli. This recipe lets the ravioli stand on its own. So with that said, you don’t really want to cheap out on the ravioli. Which is why I opted for Louisa rather than Great Value. Fancy, I know.


I didn’t measure my spinach and used turkey bacon instead of real bacon. I also used feta instead of goat cheese because a) it’s what I had and b) um, hello – it’s feta. Learn from my mistakes, kids – don’t use feta. Unless you like a good salt lick.


Original recipe from She Knows.

When I was growing up, honey mustard chicken night was the worst. Not because I disliked honey mustard chicken, but because I detested the clean up. My parents had enlisted my sisters and I into slave labor early on, and whenever honey mustard chicken appeared on the menu for the week, you hoped and prayed it wouldn’t be on the night you had dish duty.

There were two parts to clean up that were pure hell – the measuring cup for the honey and the baking dish itself. Both required scrubbing until your arm went numb, at which point it was time to switch to left handed scrubbing. Finally, you’d give up, put the pan in the dishwasher, and laugh to yourself as you pictured your sister having to scrub what remains the next night.

Clean up on this honey mustard chicken, however, was surprisingly easy. Maybe it’s because I excessively thoroughly sprayed my pan. Or maybe it’s because my husband does the dishes.

Honey Mustard Chicken(pinned here)

Honey Mustard Chicken


It was a little weak on flavor but the overall verdict was nailed it. I think next time I’ll spoon some of the honey mustard over the chicken in the middle of baking it since most of the sauce went straight to the bottom of the pan. Or maybe flip the chicken halfway through baking?


I used chicken breasts instead of thighs (maybe that was part of the not holding the sauce problem?), and since I don’t have sprigs of rosemary, I added some dried rosemary to the honey mustard sauce.

Original recipe from Simply Recipes.