Honey Mustard Chicken

Posted: September 5, 2012 in Dinner Recipe
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When I was growing up, honey mustard chicken night was the worst. Not because I disliked honey mustard chicken, but because I detested the clean up. My parents had enlisted my sisters and I into slave labor early on, and whenever honey mustard chicken appeared on the menu for the week, you hoped and prayed it wouldn’t be on the night you had dish duty.

There were two parts to clean up that were pure hell – the measuring cup for the honey and the baking dish itself. Both required scrubbing until your arm went numb, at which point it was time to switch to left handed scrubbing. Finally, you’d give up, put the pan in the dishwasher, and laugh to yourself as you pictured your sister having to scrub what remains the next night.

Clean up on this honey mustard chicken, however, was surprisingly easy. Maybe it’s because I excessively thoroughly sprayed my pan. Or maybe it’s because my husband does the dishes.

Honey Mustard Chicken(pinned here)

Honey Mustard Chicken


It was a little weak on flavor but the overall verdict was nailed it. I think next time I’ll spoon some of the honey mustard over the chicken in the middle of baking it since most of the sauce went straight to the bottom of the pan. Or maybe flip the chicken halfway through baking?


I used chicken breasts instead of thighs (maybe that was part of the not holding the sauce problem?), and since I don’t have sprigs of rosemary, I added some dried rosemary to the honey mustard sauce.

Original recipe from Simply Recipes.


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