Stove Top Spinach Ravioli

Posted: September 12, 2012 in Dinner Recipe
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It has been a crazy stupid hot summer here in southwest Missouri. Like “when did I move to the surface of the sun?” hot. Which means my air conditioner has been running essentially nonstop, and my oven and I aren’t exactly on speaking terms.

You know what else you shouldn’t be on speaking terms with when it’s crazy stupid hot? Your stove top. Turns out you’ll still be sweating by the time dinner’s ready.

Stove Top Spinach Ravioli(pinned here)

Stove Top Spinach Ravioli


Nailed it (the second time – see Alterations). I’m becoming a fan of ravioli that has nothing to do with marinara. Growing up, we always had ravioli with the same sauce that was used for spaghetti – which was great except that it overpowers the ravioli. This recipe lets the ravioli stand on its own. So with that said, you don’t really want to cheap out on the ravioli. Which is why I opted for Louisa rather than Great Value. Fancy, I know.


I didn’t measure my spinach and used turkey bacon instead of real bacon. I also used feta instead of goat cheese because a) it’s what I had and b) um, hello – it’s feta. Learn from my mistakes, kids – don’t use feta. Unless you like a good salt lick.


Original recipe from She Knows.


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