Pumpkin Roll Bars

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Dessert Recipe, Skinny Recipe
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You know how after a melt your face off summer you desperately cling to the first sign of fall no matter how teensy a sign it is and suddenly find yourself eating a bowl of homemade soup while the ice cream truck plays in the background? (This is 100% a hypothetical question, by the way. It was absolutely not my life last night.) That may or may not be how I found myself making pumpkin roll bars with the windows open as the air conditioner occasionally kicked on over the weekend.

Pumpkin Roll Bars(pinned here)

Pumpkin Roll Bars


I’m calling this a fail for the simple fact that I’m not convinced these turned out how they were supposed to. However, they were still delicious. And I’m pretty sure I know where I went wrong. Settle in – it’s story time, kids.

Every year when fall rolls around, I get the uncontrollable urge to bake. At the same time, I get the uncontrollable urge to not gain 236 pounds. So when I saw these pumpkin roll bars, I knew I had to make them but I also knew I’d feel better about life and myself if I found a skinny version. Thus I turned to Skinnytaste. And while she didn’t have a pumpkin roll bar recipe, she did have a pumpkin roll recipe. In my mind, that was the same thing.

While it seems like a brilliant idea, it turns out that the filling is approximately 32,956 times heavier than the roll batter which results in the roll batter being pushed to the sides of the pan when you drop the filling in. I tried to compensate by doing 2 layers of roll and filling (roll, filling, roll, filling) once I realized what was happening and swirling the hell out of it, but, as you can see above, what I ended up with was mostly pumpkin cheesecake with super light pumpkin bread around the edges. Not that we were complaining.


Other than using the Skinnytaste recipe, none. I would, however, use the actual Six Sisters’ Stuff recipe when making these again.



Original recipe from Six Sisters’ Stuff and Skinnytaste.


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