All last week, the weather gurus were predicting we going to have a rather rough Saturday. 40% chance for tornadoes rough. Obviously I dealt with this in my usual style – stocking up on wine. What does this have to do with anything? Nothing really. But it does explain the wine bottle in the background.

You know what else explains the wine bottle? The South Carolina LSU game. A little piece of us died that night. And then a bigger piece of us died when the new rankings were released and the Gamecocks fell from 3rd place.

chicken-and-spinach-flautas(pinned here)



Nailed it. These are so good. So so so freaking good. They’re good by themselves, good with salsa, good with guacamole, and good with salsamole (guac mixed with salsa – it looks like baby poop but trust me,  it’s delectable). And they’re absolutely perfect for a night of college football.


Chicken breasts instead of thighs went into the Crock Pot and were cooked with water rather than beer. The jalapeno pepper was skipped because I am unbelievably wimpy when it comes to spiciness. No but really – I am a child.





Original recipe from Healthy. Delicious.


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