Your Plate Could End Hunger

Posted: January 25, 2013 in Uncategorized
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What’s this – a post on a Friday?!? What is happening to the world??? Here’s the deal – you’re about to be disappointed and amazed all at once. Disappointed because I don’t have a recipe for you. But amazed because Katie over at Sweet Tater Blog has a brilliant idea. . .and a plan (which automatically puts her light years ahead of me and my brilliant ideas – most of which I forget 10 minutes after inception).

Her theory is that there’s more than enough food on this planet for all the people, and that a smartphone app can help feed the people who aren’t getting their share. It’s incredibly simple and incredibly brilliant, and she needs your help this weekend to make it happen.

I’d spell it all out for you, but she did an excellent job of that what with it being her brainchild and all, so instead I’ll just send you to her blog. Go save the world, people!


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