Crispy Quinoa Bake

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Dinner Recipe
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You know how some things seem like a really good idea at the time but then the reality of it hits and you’re all, “What the what was I thinking?” Like, oh I don’t know, ordering 4 pounds of quinoa off Amazon because, “Hey look! It’s only $15! And it’s organic!”? Yeah, I wouldn’t have any idea what that’s like either. I totally don’t have 4 pounds of quinoa sitting in my pantry right now. (Yes, yes, I do.)

Nailed It/Failed It: Crispy Quinoa Bake


Nailed it. The crispy bits of quinoa were my favorite part, and I could not stop eating this. But that’s okay because it’s health food. Right? Right?

P.S. It reheats like a champ.


I skipped the pepper and green chiles and used cojack instead of monterey jack.




Original recipe from The Live-In Kitchen.

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