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I’d say the husband is obsessed with Chipotle, but that really doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. The man would eat nothing but 5 pound burritos if a) we weren’t poor, b) it wouldn’t kill him, and c) we had a Chipotle in town. One of these obstacles is about to be removed – they’re in the process of building a Chipotle (right across the street from Qdoba which should be interesting). And in my opinion, this isn’t happening a moment too soon. Because once Chipotle opens here, I will no longer be forced to forgo any restaurant that is not Chipotle when we go out of town.  Hallelujah.

But between now and then, the husband will continue to gaze longingly at the construction site, and I will continue to make burrito bowls at home.


Nailed It/Failed It: Homeamde Chipotle Burrito Bowls


Despite the husband listing all the ways in which this is not exactly like Chipotle, I’m saying nailed it. These were good, you guys. Really really good. And it came together crazy fast. Like 20 minutes fast.


See that line above about the husband telling me how it’s not exactly like Chipotle? That’s because I can’t follow directions in the kitchen.

Rice: I halved it and skipped the cilantro.

Beans: I skipped the cayenne.

Chicken: I used this taco seasoning and grilled it on George.

As you can tell from the picture, I added some shredded Mexican blend cheese and what I like to call salsamole (it looks like baby poop but tastes like puppies and rainbows). I ate mine bowl style, but the husband wrapped his in a tortilla.





Original recipe from Iowa Girl Eats.


Every once in awhile, the husband and I run through the list of things he will and will not eat. It normally happens after I do things like threaten to make ham for Easter or tell him I used mayo (both at the top of the Will Not Eat list). This latest listing led to the revelation that the husband is a huge fan of chicken cordon bleu. After the shock wore off, I spent a solid 20 minutes harassing him about his ham hypocrisy and then got excited about the prospect of bringing chicken cordon bleu into our lives. Really excited. Overly excited if I’m being completely honest.

For awhile now, I’ve been pinning chicken cordon bleu recipes, knowing full well I’d most likely never actually make it due to the ham hatred. But I couldn’t help myself – I’d see it and pin it, Pavlov style. So when it came to choosing which recipe to replicate, there was obviously only one way to settle it – whichever one I stumbled upon first.


Nailed It/Failed It: Skinny Chicken Cordon Bleu


Nailed it. Stunning, isn’t it? I know I blew my mind with my impressive chicken rolling skills. Just kidding. It looks like a hot mess. But it was delicious so I don’t even care. I’d even serve it to company looking like this because sometimes taste trumps presentation. Who am I kidding? Taste always trumps presentation in my kitchen.


I used thinly sliced chicken rather than slicing the breasts myself since I’m not what you’d call majestic with a knife. I also added some Panko to the breadcrumb mixture, used tacon instead of ham, and did, indeed, rock the toothpicks. The tacon was partially because I had it already and partially because I’m still skeptical of the husband being down with “real” chicken cordon bleu. In fact, we actually renamed it Chicken Cordon Boo. (We’re obnoxious and call each other boo – we were even pronounced “husband and wife and boos for life” at our wedding. I know.)




Original recipe from Skinnytaste.

First things first. The lovely Robin nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award. And that, kids, means a) I’m officially a superstar (no, no I’m not), and b) you’re about to learn 7 useless pieces of information about yours truly. You’re on the middle of your seat, I know.

1. I’ve played flute since 6th grade. I graduated college in 2006. You do the math. (No, seriously. I was a Comm major and therefore can’t do math so you’re on your own with figuring out how many years that is.)

2. Facebook irritates the crap out of me. Yet I keep logging in.

3. I have the knees of an 80 year old. Seriously. You do not want to hear me stand up.

4. I name everything – my car is Stella, my iPhone is Ingrid, my Keurig is Baby K. . .I’ll stop now.

5. I’m fluent in Christmas and baseball movies. My husband occasionally needs a translator.

6. I’ve met Keith Urban twice and had an autographed (poorly photoshopped) picture of the 2 of us until the tornado ate it. It’s the only thing the tornado ate that I’m still uber pissed about.

7. My hatred for the Cubs, Packers, Sammy Sosa, and Brett Favre knows no bounds.

And now on to the real reason you’re here – food!

My husband is literally the first person I met when I got to South Carolina. He picked me up at the airport for my interview, joined us for lunch, and then disappeared until I’d been at the new job for almost 2 months. A co-worker set us up that October, and we quasi-dated until December when I demanded to know what the what was going on between us (I may or may not have been double dating and in need of answers). Our last quasi-date was a Keith Urban concert followed by a late dinner at one of the most amazing breakfast places I’ve ever been to. It was there that the husband introduced me to grits. He was eating them plain and I was vastly unimpressed.

Fast forward a few months later to the husband taking me to Charleston for the first time in my life. At one of the restaurants we went to, he ordered shrimp and grits. I was immediately repulsed. Then the shrimp and grits appeared on our table, and I was intrigued. Lo and behold, the beauty of grits is it’s all in how you prepare them. And this Yankee was sold on shrimp and grits.

I’ve since made shrimp and grits several times. I’ve also made shrimp risotto. We’re big fans of both in my house. So obviously when I saw this Cheesy Shrimp Rice, there was no question that it would appear on my kitchen table.


Nailed It/Failed It: Cheesy Shrimp Rice


Nailed it. Both the husband and I basically inhaled this. It’s nice to have a little change up from regular shrimp and grits.


I used all shrimp, skipped the peas for I had none, and skipped the cilantro for I am not a fan. I also think the rice could have cooked a little longer, but we were hungry so we went with it. Just know that it’s probably going to take longer than 20 minutes.




Original recipe from The Fit Cook.


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Four days after getting 2 inches of sleet, we woke up to 4 inches of snow. Oddly enough it wasn’t the sleet that wreaked havoc with the power – it was the snow. We woke up to the power flickering on and off (which was super exciting while I was in the shower) and had no power at work for about 5 hours total (which is super exciting when you work at a radio station).

My original dinner plan that night involved the Crock Pot, but since I’ve learned every time the power goes out, my Crock Pot’s plugged in, I decided to play it safe. And by play it safe, I mean hope and pray I could find something on Pinterest that involved ingredients I already had. Because let’s be real – there’s no way in hell I’m battling the crazies at the grocery store.


Nailed It/Failed It: Easy Honey Mustard Mozzarella Chicken


Nailed it. This was rather delish – and the husband ate it with no complaints. The cheesy biscuits may have helped. Seriously, though – this was incredibly easy, yet I feel like it’s “fancy” enough to serve to guests.


I didn’t measure so much as put some mustard and honey in a bowl and stir. I also added a little rosemary to the honey mustard, used tacon instead of bacon, and coated both sides of the chicken with the honey mustard.




Original recipe from All Recipes.