Easy Taco Skillet

Posted: April 10, 2013 in Dinner Recipe
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The amount of tacos consumed in my house is ridiculous. We should probably feel mass amounts of shame over it, but we don’t. Ground turkey, chicken, crock pot – we don’t really care how they’re made as long as we can feast upon them at least once a week. So when I stumbled upon this taco skillet, there was no question it would become a part of our lives. The only question was, could I make this for dinner when we just had Qdoba for lunch? (The answer is yes by the way. Seriously. No shame.)


Nailed It/Failed It: Easy Taco Skillet


Nailed it. And since this is a taco skillet, I’m pretty sure that means we can have this and tacos all in the same week. No? Too much? Whatever. You don’t know my life.


None other than I obviously got a little carried away on the cheese.




Original recipe from My Food and Fitness Diaries.


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