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My husband left me this past weekend for Rocklahoma so I left him for my parents. He spent the weekend in a field with drunk trashy people, I spent the weekend looking at old people homes (and by that I  mean they take care of mowing and snow shoveling and everything else is business as usual). While he subsisted on mediocre VIP tent food and frozen pizza, I feasted at Bakers Square and Portillo’s (without a doubt, I won that round). Needless to say, by the time I got back, we were both ready for a bit of a detox.


Nailed It/Failed It: Easy Mediterranean Chicken Packets


Nailed it. These were everything I hoped they would be – delicious and easy. Because let’s be real – after a day of traveling, the last thing I really want to do is cook.


I skipped the capers and used Mediterranean seasoning instead of salt and pepper and again instead of Italian seasoning. These also spent a few minutes in the microwave because 25 minutes = undercooked chicken in my house.






Original recipe from Reservation for Two.


I don’t have a recipe or craft (she says like those aren’t few and far between) today. Instead, I’m asking you to help the people of Moore, Oklahoma.

What happened in Moore on Monday is unimaginable for most people, but I know exactly what they’re going through. Because two years ago today, we went through the same thing here in Joplin, Missouri. I can tell you from firsthand experience that losing everything (or almost everything) is the worst feeling in the world. Literally all you want to do is go home, and that’s the only thing you can’t do.

The husband and I (along with countless others) watched in horror as everything unfolded Monday afternoon and were ready to do whatever we could to help. I had to remind the husband that he couldn’t single handedly “fix” what had happened, but there are several ways to help.

The easiest ways would be to text REDCROSS to 90999 or STORM to 80888 (Salvation Army) to make a $10 donation. If you’re not a fan of either organization, you can text CONVOY to 50555. That will donate $10 to Convoy of Hope, an organization out of Springfield, MO that was a huge help to us here in Joplin two years ago. And if you’re in the Joplin area, we have our second semi (you guys were awesome yesterday) collecting supplies to take to Moore in the Zimmer Radio parking lot. We’re taking donations until 6:00 this evening unless it fills up before then. A list of what we’re accepting is here. NBC also put together a list of several organizations you can donate to here.

And if you’re organizing a supply drive in your area, don’t be afraid to collect “trivial” things like hair dryers and cookware. I can’t tell you how stoked I was when someone gave me a flat iron two years ago. After a few days of pure chaos, it’s unbelievable to be able to do something that makes you feel human again.

I know a lot of us are still struggling with the economy, but seriously, every little bit helps. A dollar, two dollars, a tube of toothpaste – it will mean the world to the survivors in Moore.

Here’s the thing about sandwiches for dinner – I’m not a fan. I’ll take a sandwich for lunch all day err’ day, but for some reason, when it comes to dinner, I’m just not down with the sandwich (other than meatball subs and that’s really only because of the husband’s love for them).

However. Sometimes you go grocery shopping after work and when you get home, realize you’re missing a bag. And of course it can’t be the bag holding the zucchini you don’t need until the next night. Oh no. It has to be the bag containing the Clairitin which is a non-negotiable this time of year. So by the time you drive back to the store to claim the missed bag and get back home, it’s 6:30, you’re starving, your husband’s starving, and a sandwich is starting to sound like a pretty stellar idea. As long as it’s warm.

Nailed It/Failed It: Chicken Parmesan Sub


Nailed it. This may convert me into a sandwich for dinner person. Seriously. It was delicious, easy, and quick.


Turns out that when you’re starving, you don’t want to take the time to scroll through your 2,935,637 pins to find a recipe so much as you want to put food in your face ASAP. Consequently, this ended up being more an idea that I ran with.

Season 2 chicken breasts with Italian seasoning and grill on George until cooked through (it took about 10 minutes with George set at 350). Place 2 buns on a baking sheet and preheat the broiler. Put the cooked chicken breasts on the buns. Top chicken with marinara, cheese (I used provolone), and spinach. Put the baking sheet under the broiler until the buns are browned and the cheese is bubbly.

Sidenote: I topped the sandwiches with non-wilted spinach and put it under the broiler. Next time I’ll wilt the spinach and put it on the sandwich after it comes out of the broiler. If, however, you like crispy spinach, broil away, my friend.




Original recipe from Eating Well.

I was born a White Sox fan. Actually, if you want to get technical about it, I was a Sox fan even before I was born. That’s right – I was attending games in the womb. Like a boss. Or a fetus. Whatever. My point here is I am a die hard White Sox fan. Where most people will turn a game off in disgust, I will suffer through to the bitter end because, “There’s still time for a comeback!” And this season is providing suffering like none I’ve known before.

Take this weekend. The husband had to work a station event on Saturday which left me at home with my good friends Hawk and Steve Stone. All 3 of us died a little that night. And Sunday an even bigger piece of me died because a) it was just painful to lose like that, and b) I was there. When it all came crashing down in the 10th, the husband essentially dragged me out of the stadium while repeating, “Walk of shame. Walk of shame,” while I ranted and raved for a solid hour.

So you can see why I relied on my good friend The Captain and my new friend Cheesy Corn Brisket Nachos to get me through that experience. It’s okay, though. Because Saturday night, I pregamed with quinoa. Like a boss. Or someone who doesn’t understand what pregaming is. Your call really.

Nailed It/Failed It: Quinoa Vegetable Lasagna


Nailed it. Stunning, isn’t it? I even let it sit for 10 minutes (which I never do) and it still came out looking mangled (like lasagna always does). And yet, I honestly didn’t care. This was delicious the night I made it and, per the rules of baked pasta dishes, even better as leftovers.


I think it’s pretty clear by now where I stand on fungus so it’s safe to say I skipped the mushrooms. I also used ricotta instead of cottage cheese, frozen spinach instead of fresh, and a zucchini/yellow squash mix instead of straight zucchini.

Original recipe from Eating Well.

Sometimes you’re just crusin’ along, living life and then BAM! Holiday. And suddenly you’re looking around bewildered wondering where the where it came from and if perhaps you’d be better prepared if you owned a calendar. Then you laugh because it’s 2013 and your mom and grandfather are the only people still using non-electronic calendars.

As you may have guessed by now, I just realized Cinco De Mayo is this Sunday. Despite the best of intentions, I never properly celebrate it. This is partially because it sneaks up on me and partially because I don’t do drunk crowds. And that, kids, explains why this found its way to my kitchen table last night.

Nailed It/Failed It: Southwest Chicken Pasta Bowls


Nailed it. Without a doubt, this will be a repeat performance in my kitchen. It’s healthy, delectable, and crazy fast – what’s not to love?


I used frozen corn, this seasoning for the chicken (and a little on the corn and beans)  skipped the red pepper, and skipped the cilantro. And if you think I didn’t top this with guac, you don’t know me at all. Hi, I’m Jenn.

Original recipe from Whit Likes Fit.