Shrimp Rolls

Posted: June 19, 2013 in Dinner Recipe, Lunch Recipe
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The husband and I have officially been homeowners for one year and one day. And that means that one year and three days ago, I had my very first (and only) lobster roll. Sweet lady freedom I would move to Boston for the lobster rolls alone – and I’m basing this off the airport lobster roll (everybody calm down – it was a legit restaurant not some random lobster roll stand) so you know these things are all sorts of magical.

I’ve been dying for another lobster roll since I took the last bite of the one at the airport, yet it’s taken me this long to realize I can make them at home. Of course, being landlocked in Missouri, lobster is out the ass expensive. Thus we subbed shrimp.

Nailed It/Failed It: Shrimp RollsVerdict

Nailed it. This is the perfect summer lunch or light dinner – it takes all of 10 minutes to prep and it pairs quite well with some Woodchuck.


Once again, this was something I more or less winged after Googling lobster/shrimp roll recipes.

Thawed shrimp, tails off and chopped (I just cut each shrimp in half)

Spoonful Greek yogurt

Splash lemon juice

2 pinches celery salt

Dash pepper

Hot dog buns

Broil/toast hot dog buns and combine remaining ingredients. Top hot dog buns with shrimp mixture. Devour.


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