This coming Monday is my first dentist appointment since 2006. I’m not proud. I’m not completely ashamed, but I’m not proud. See, I’m one of those people who gets anxiety about going to the dentist, the doctor, and the eye doctor. It was fine when I was a kid because my mom would force me to go, but once I hit adulthood and was on my own? Hell no.

So what made me act like a grown up and make an appointment? The husband. He’s been giving me crap about it foreeeevvvvvvvverrrrr, and I finally got tired of it. So I’m now dreading this coming Monday more than any other Monday in the history of Mondays. Especially after the husband’s dentist experience yesterday. He had 3 fillings and couldn’t feel half his face for half the day. Obviously soft food was in order.


Nailed It/Failed It: Mexican Quinoa


Nailed it. You guys, this may be the easiest thing I’ve ever made (other than microwaving a hotdog). Add in that it was tasty and filling, and we have ourselves a keeper.


I skipped the peppers and used chicken broth instead of vegetable broth.





Original recipe from Runs With Spatulas


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