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My apologies for the straight up abandonment. Last week we were flying back from Harry Potter World (I don’t care what Disney says, HP World is the happiest place on Earth), and yesterday I turned in my 2 weeks notice which more or less shot my day to hell (let’s just say they did not take it well).

And speaking of 2 weeks notice, consider this your notice that the next 3 weeks are probably going to be chaos with packing, selling a house we’ve had for just over a year (I know – we’ve lost our ever lovin’ minds), finding a new place, getting things finished up at work, and whatever else goes in there. Basically what I’m saying is, I may abandon you again so go ahead and book those therapy sessions now.

In other news, I made breakfast! Maybe it’s just me, but by the middle of July I’m 100% over summer and dying for fall. So I decided to give us a taste of fall. Literally. It kind of actually worked, too, because the morning I made this was cool(er) and rainy. If only this was a guaranteed way to end the melt your face off stupid hot.


Nailed It/Failed It: Cinnamon Apple Baked French Toast


Nailed it. It smelled like fall, it tasted like fall. I’m in love. The husband topped his with peanut butter which I was surprisingly not on board with. I am, however, fully on board the pure maple syrup train.


I used leftover hoagie rolls, 3 real eggs, real milk, and skipped all sweetener (I would have used real sugar).





Original recipe from Peanut Butter and Peppers.


I don’t know what it is about appetizers, but I love them. I could easily make an entire meal out of them. Spinach dip with zucchini pizzas or baked parmesan tomatoes with toasted ravioli sounds like an excellent dinner to me. The husband, however, slightly disagrees.

He’s on board the appetizer wagon – he just prefers it be as an actual appetizer. Which is how I found myself making this roasted tomato bruschetta on the 4th of July. Because as we all know, bruschetta pairs perfectly with BBQ chicken, grilled corn, and pasta salad.


Nailed It/Failed It: Roasted Tomato Bruschetta


Nailed it. Even that self-proclaimed tomato hater husband of mine couldn’t get enough. And that, kids, is the mother of all victories.


I chopped my tomatoes in half and roasted them with the olive oil, garlic, and basil. I also skipped the mint because this is not toothpaste and served it with warmed up pita instead of ciabatta (although I have no doubt the ciabatta would be a thousand times better).




Original recipe from Uni Homemaker.

This is the part where you expect me to have something 4th of July related. This is also the part where you’re disappointed. Unless, of course, you count the enchilada sauce as your red, the cheese as your white, and take my suggestion of maybe using a blue plate as good enough. No? Well then prepare for disappointment. Because posting something 4th of July related would require me planning ahead. And oddly enough, as type A as I am, that never seems to happen. So instead you get Skillet Enchiladas.

To be fair, I think Skillet Enchiladas are an excellent 4th of July Eve offering. Mostly because it’s stupid easy. But also because you don’t have to turn your oven on. You’re welcome.


Nailed It/Failed It: Skillet Enchiladas


Nailed it. I’m all about recipes that take awhile being converted into a skillet version. It’s stupid easy, fast, and just as delicious.

Also, can we just address the fact that I’m basically a master photographer and food stager? I mean really. That is some of my best work up there. (Sometimes I like to make jokes. They’re mostly for me.)


I used ground turkey, skipped the green chilis, and used wheat tortillas. I may or may not have also put a stupid amount of guac on this. (Spoiler alert: I did.)





Original recipe from Peanut Butter and Peppers.