This is the part where you expect me to have something 4th of July related. This is also the part where you’re disappointed. Unless, of course, you count the enchilada sauce as your red, the cheese as your white, and take my suggestion of maybe using a blue plate as good enough. No? Well then prepare for disappointment. Because posting something 4th of July related would require me planning ahead. And oddly enough, as type A as I am, that never seems to happen. So instead you get Skillet Enchiladas.

To be fair, I think Skillet Enchiladas are an excellent 4th of July Eve offering. Mostly because it’s stupid easy. But also because you don’t have to turn your oven on. You’re welcome.


Nailed It/Failed It: Skillet Enchiladas


Nailed it. I’m all about recipes that take awhile being converted into a skillet version. It’s stupid easy, fast, and just as delicious.

Also, can we just address the fact that I’m basically a master photographer and food stager? I mean really. That is some of my best work up there. (Sometimes I like to make jokes. They’re mostly for me.)


I used ground turkey, skipped the green chilis, and used wheat tortillas. I may or may not have also put a stupid amount of guac on this. (Spoiler alert: I did.)





Original recipe from Peanut Butter and Peppers.


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