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Turns out selling a house, moving, and starting a new job in a 3 week span results in pure chaos. Who knew. But we’re more or less settled now which means I have food for you! Consider it my birthday gift to you (30 today – yikes!).

Here’s the deal with beans – for the longest time, I wouldn’t touch them. It was partly because of my inner 5 year old and partly because of texture issues. I don’t really remember when that all changed, but I’m glad it did because a) I can now eat chili like an adult, b) a can of beans is so much cheaper than a pound of chicken, and c) I get to eat an obscene amount of these enchiladas.


Nailed It/Failed It: Black Bean Spinach EnchiladasVerdict

Nailed it. I didn’t really know what to expect out of these, but somehow they’re still better than I had hoped. The sauce is absolutely amazing – some might even say life changing.


I used chicken broth and frozen spinach and skipped the cilantro. And since I can never get 8 enchiladas in my pan (whyyyyyyyyy????), I get as many as I can in there and top them with the leftover filling before adding the sauce. Oh, and obviously guac went on top.





Original recipe from The Garden Grazer.