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I give the husband a lot of crap about being a nightmare when it comes to food. But when it comes to chili, I really have no room to talk.

For years, I refused to eat any chili that wasn’t my mom’s or my grandma’s (it was the same). The recipe is: ground beef (or turkey), a can of chili beans, a can of water, 2 cans of tomato sauce, 2 cans of water, and elbow noodles. As you can imagine, this creates more of a soup than a chili. And despite being told by several people that I could call it “goulash” or “chili soup” but under no circumstances was it “chili”, I maintained it was in fact chili. I also refused to eat the beans because ew.

Now, however, I’ve branched out in the chili I’ll consume. It started last Christmasish when my mom forced her new chili recipe on us. I was hungry, so I relented (but you better believe I set a stellar example for the nieces by picking out the beans). Turns out her new chili was even better than her old chili (hearsay!), and it was kind of easier to make since you just browned some meat, threw everything in the Crock Pot, and called it a day.

That experience was what some would call life altering – it led to me collecting chili recipes. But it was really only slightly life altering since I never actually took the plunge and tried a new recipe. Until now.


Nailed It/Failed It: Slow Cooker Quinoa Chicken Chili


Nailed it. Remember how easy I said my mom’s new chili recipe is? This one’s even easier. There’s no browning of anything – just throw it all in the Crock Pot and 6 hours later dinner is served. And yes, I was a grown up and ate the beans.


I halved the quinoa and chicken broth since my Crock Pot was getting a little full. But I think next time I’ll do the full cup of quinoa and leave the broth halved – it was a little soupy. I also used frozen corn instead of canned.



Original recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything.


This coming Monday is my first dentist appointment since 2006. I’m not proud. I’m not completely ashamed, but I’m not proud. See, I’m one of those people who gets anxiety about going to the dentist, the doctor, and the eye doctor. It was fine when I was a kid because my mom would force me to go, but once I hit adulthood and was on my own? Hell no.

So what made me act like a grown up and make an appointment? The husband. He’s been giving me crap about it foreeeevvvvvvvverrrrr, and I finally got tired of it. So I’m now dreading this coming Monday more than any other Monday in the history of Mondays. Especially after the husband’s dentist experience yesterday. He had 3 fillings and couldn’t feel half his face for half the day. Obviously soft food was in order.


Nailed It/Failed It: Mexican Quinoa


Nailed it. You guys, this may be the easiest thing I’ve ever made (other than microwaving a hotdog). Add in that it was tasty and filling, and we have ourselves a keeper.


I skipped the peppers and used chicken broth instead of vegetable broth.





Original recipe from Runs With Spatulas

I was born a White Sox fan. Actually, if you want to get technical about it, I was a Sox fan even before I was born. That’s right – I was attending games in the womb. Like a boss. Or a fetus. Whatever. My point here is I am a die hard White Sox fan. Where most people will turn a game off in disgust, I will suffer through to the bitter end because, “There’s still time for a comeback!” And this season is providing suffering like none I’ve known before.

Take this weekend. The husband had to work a station event on Saturday which left me at home with my good friends Hawk and Steve Stone. All 3 of us died a little that night. And Sunday an even bigger piece of me died because a) it was just painful to lose like that, and b) I was there. When it all came crashing down in the 10th, the husband essentially dragged me out of the stadium while repeating, “Walk of shame. Walk of shame,” while I ranted and raved for a solid hour.

So you can see why I relied on my good friend The Captain and my new friend Cheesy Corn Brisket Nachos to get me through that experience. It’s okay, though. Because Saturday night, I pregamed with quinoa. Like a boss. Or someone who doesn’t understand what pregaming is. Your call really.

Nailed It/Failed It: Quinoa Vegetable Lasagna


Nailed it. Stunning, isn’t it? I even let it sit for 10 minutes (which I never do) and it still came out looking mangled (like lasagna always does). And yet, I honestly didn’t care. This was delicious the night I made it and, per the rules of baked pasta dishes, even better as leftovers.


I think it’s pretty clear by now where I stand on fungus so it’s safe to say I skipped the mushrooms. I also used ricotta instead of cottage cheese, frozen spinach instead of fresh, and a zucchini/yellow squash mix instead of straight zucchini.

Original recipe from Eating Well.

You know how some things seem like a really good idea at the time but then the reality of it hits and you’re all, “What the what was I thinking?” Like, oh I don’t know, ordering 4 pounds of quinoa off Amazon because, “Hey look! It’s only $15! And it’s organic!”? Yeah, I wouldn’t have any idea what that’s like either. I totally don’t have 4 pounds of quinoa sitting in my pantry right now. (Yes, yes, I do.)

Nailed It/Failed It: Crispy Quinoa Bake


Nailed it. The crispy bits of quinoa were my favorite part, and I could not stop eating this. But that’s okay because it’s health food. Right? Right?

P.S. It reheats like a champ.


I skipped the pepper and green chiles and used cojack instead of monterey jack.




Original recipe from The Live-In Kitchen.