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We have pizza night at least once a week in my house. We’d probably have it every other night, but you know, judgment.

Typically I make my standard pizza or BBQ chicken pizza, but sometimes I get the urge to mix it up. Mostly the urge strikes when there’s food in my fridge that’s in serious need of being used (I despise throwing food away – to me, it’s the same as throwing a hundred dollar bill in the trash). Sometimes the urge results in questionable outcomes. But sometimes it results in omgwhyhaven’timadethisbefore???

Nailed It/Failed It: Roasted Vegetable French Bread Pizza


Nailed it. The husband and I each had a quarter loaf’s worth of pizza. I was pretty full after eating about half of it, but I could. not. stop. eating. That food baby came with zero regrets.


I skipped the onion and pepper and used leftover jarred tomato pesto.




Original recipe from Budget Bytes.


As of yesterday, the husband and I have been married for 2 years. What does that have to do with anything? Absolutely nothing. I just felt compelled to share.

In other news, I’m the oldest of 3 girls (hold on – I promise this one’s going somewhere). There’s 4 1/2ish years between me and the youngest and 18ish months between me and the middle one. As you can imagine, the middle one is fiercely competitive – mostly with me and especially in the kitchen. She’s always doing crazy things like making her own bread and elaborate cakes for my nieces’ birthdays. So you can imagine my mom’s surprise over the weekend when I told her I now make my own taco seasoning. Her response was, “You’re as bad as your sister!”

And now you know why I kept my mouth shut on the homemade ravioli front.

Nailed It/Failed It: Spinach Ricotta and Mozzarella Ravioli


Nailed it. They’re definitely more work than opening a bag, but I really like the fact that I can put whatever I want in there – I’m not stuck with beef or cheese.


While my sister probably would have made her own pasta (she makes her own gnocchi after all), I was not above using wonton wrappers. We like our ravioli sauceless (weird I know but it also makes these easy to serve as an appetizer), so I skipped that. I also sauteed my spinach and baked the raviolis rather than boiling them. And I’m pretty sure I’ll throw feta in the mix next time. I may even get really crazy and saute the raviolis. Who knows what the future holds?!?!?



Original recipe from The Kittchen.

I don’t know about you, but when a new recipe catches my eye, I get excited. Crazy stupid excited to be exact. I go back and read it over and over until I essentially have it memorized. I get antsy for menu planning and grocery shopping day. And then I start to worry that I’ve over hyped it in my mind and it’s going to be an utter disaster. Most of the time I get lucky and that doesn’t happen. But every once in awhile, that’s exactly what happens.

Fitness: Whole Wheat Pasta with Ricotta and Vegetables(pinned here)

Nailed It/Failed It: Whole Wheat Pasta with Ricotta and Vegetables


Failed it. This was one of the most disgusting things I have ever eaten. When I take a bite and announce, “This is kind of gross”, you know it’s bad (not that I have low food standards, but I like to let my husband be the one to comment first since that’s the only way I get his true stance on new recipes).¬† It had essentially no flavor which surprised the hell out of me. My husband agreed. My brother-in-law, on the other hand, thought it was good. Or so he said. I’m still not convinced he didn’t just say that because he felt obligated. The good news was that since this was so disgusting, we didn’t eat very much and had plenty of room for frozen custard.


Here, I think, is where we discover why this was the utter disaster it was. First of all, I kind of lost track of time while the pasta and broccoli were cooking so I’m pretty sure the broccoli cooked for way too long (it wasn’t crisp at all). I also didn’t use asparagus or green beans because we were out. And I cut back on the balsamic vinegar since the husband’s not a huge fan. And that, I believe, is where it all went downhill. You absolutely need the balsamic vinegar for flavor in this dish. I don’t know what to tell you I’d do to remedy the hot mess that I called dinner because, honestly, I have no intention of making this again.




Original recipe from Fitness Magazine.